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Personal Training

It’s More than Sit Ups

With one on one attention you will be educated and guided on how to strengthen and tone your body. Working with one of our quality certified professionals who will teach you proper form and create unique fitness routines just for you. This will help you to improve endurance, build muscle mass, rev up your metabolism and develop maximum strength. You will love your new found strength!

Small Group Training

2 to 4 people

This is an experience! Strengthen and tone your body, boost your metabolism and have a blast with your peers. Group training will help to improve endurance, build muscle mass, and develop maximum strength.

Group Classes

Our extensive class schedule offers a wide range of choices for your personalized work out in a small group setting for optimal results.

Nutritional Counseling

The best way for you!

Work with our team of experts to enlighten your nutritional knowledge. With one-on-one attention and education you will accomplish your goals with nutrition.

Corporate Wellness

Affordable and Achievable Results

Our team offers a fun and dependable solution for your team! Physical Inactivity, stress, and poor nutrition are several risk factors we CAN impact. We make a personal connection and motivate true behavior change. If you want a program that is simple to participate in, customized to your culture and delivers BIG results, give us a call today. We love making your jobs and life easier and more enjoyable by doing what we do best, getting you the results you want!

Find the perfect workout for you:

Circuit Training

This circuit-training class ignites your metabolism to burn calories, calories and more calories — as much as 600 per class. By using intervals of strength and cardio training, you’ll improve your flexibility, agility, strength and endurance.This class is beneficial for all athlete types, as it contributes to sports conditioning. If that’s not enough, you’ll burn extra calories long after your workout is over as a result of your faster metabolism.

Functional Strength and Mobility

This Functional Strength and Mobility class is a low-impact, total-body movement program geared towards dynamic opening exercises and balanced corrective strength. It is easy on the joints, but very beneficial for all levels of fitness in order to improve movement patterns.


TRX® is the original body-weight-based portable training tool that uses your own body-weight and gravity to build strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. It is a 3-Dimensional workout for the body and core!

High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.)

High Intensity Interval Training is one of the newest and most effective forms of results-based training and is beneficial for sport conditioning, athletic performance & daily activities. This circuit-training class of strength and cardio drills uses colorful fitness gear such as large gym balls, bands, balance boards, mini-steppers, hurdles, cones and more to challenge both your body and your mind.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

This flow is a mix of breath awareness, core work and basic yoga to release tension, build strength and connect mind, body and spirit.

Beginners Yoga Deep Stretch and Mobility

Great for all levels of yogis! Weather its your first time doing yoga, or your looking to deepen your practice, this class is going to help you slow down and re-focus your mind and body to focus on form, breathing, and the basic fundamentals of yoga poses and mobility techniques.

Pilates Mat

Enhance your mind-body awareness in our new Pilates Mat class! Pilates inspired exercises, controlled breathing, and body weight resisted movements are performed on a mat to build core strength, stability, and flexibility. You’ll walk away from this class feeling energized and refreshed!

Sports Conditioning

High-intensity strength, conditioning, and functional exercises, combined to build endurance, improve power and increase performance for any sport.

TRX and Kettlebell

A functional power class that uses TRX and Kettle bell combos to tone and strengthen your body and get your core strong!


Use free weights to tone your body and gain strength!

Weights and Heart Rate

Get your heart rate up without the knee or back pain! A low impact cardio workout, integrated with compound dumbbell movements, that is sure to challenge the whole body inside and out!

Strength and Endurance

This is a crossfit style workout, focused on the fundamentals and progression of Olympic lifts, challenging body weight exercises, and endurance training for the athlete-minded individual looking to be pushed to the next level!

Power Hour

Our Power Hour class is in the name! A combination of HIIT movements, heavy weight pushing, core shredding exercises, and some dynamic functional mobility movements will give you a well rounded workout to finish off your week!

Foam Roll and Release

This 30 minute foam roll class also incorporates light stretching to help aid in recovery, increase blood flow and improve mobility.

30 Minute Burn

Intense metabolic training, using resistance and cardio movements to help you get all the strength training and cardio you need for the day in one workout! Come ready to work up a sweat, and still get in and out in time to get back to work!

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Fitness Studio Pricing

1 Week Trial


1-Month Unlimited Membership 
Unlimited Studio Classes


Single Class


5-Session Punch Card


Personal Training
Free Consultation
1-Hour single session is $100. 10 1-hour sessions $900
30-minute single session $60. 10 30-minute sessions $540


Nutrition Coaching
Free Consultation
Single session is $60


Please contact our office for any questions.

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Jen is so friendly, highly qualified, and serves each client at their individual level.


Callie is awesome and the facility is perfect for my needs right now… Also I really appreciate the care shown for my previous injuries/health status.


Facilities are clean and well taken care of. Both staff and other participants in the class were welcoming and supportive. I was very comfortable participating in class and never felt foolish or compared.


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